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Proposing a bright,
happy life for myself, us and Earth

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I'm proud of you calming toner

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vegan collagen serum

First vegan collagen serum for my sensitive skin

Have a sunny day with sunnicorn!

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True upcycling from performance to package

Sunnicorn is a vegan skincare brand pursuing true sustainability through continuously research and development for sensitive skin

We take active vegetable ingredients of fresh ugly food and put them in eco-friendly packages. We use ugly food which failed to reach the market due to their irregular, ugly shapes despite being grown in clean environments. We also study and process plastics and glass, which are produced in excess, to produce containers for cosmetics.

We pursuit sustainability. Not only do we use packages made with recycled materials, we also design our packages considering what happens after being disposed.

Enjoy valuable consumption and valuable beauty with eco-friendly upcycle clean beauty. Join us in the easy upcycling vegan clean beauty proposed by Sunnicorn!